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                          • Work in Hongfa
                          • Recruitment
                          • Postdoctoral workstation
                          • Quality Management Institute

                          1.Talent Concept

                          The consistent talent principle of Hongfa is to ‘retain talents with career prospect, vigorous atmosphere, good pay and bonding teams’.

                          -- to retain talents with career prospect

                          We aim to expand Hongfa business, to build up bigger stage to provide more opportunities to the talents inside the company to achieve and to attract more talents to join Hongfa.

                          -- to retain talents with vigorous atmosphere

                          Hongfa has built up vigorous atmosphere for talents internally by advocating the company culture of “Persevere for Progress; Strive for Excellence ”.

                          -- to retain talents with good pay

                          With the goal of “seeking better welfare for employees while making profit for country and shareholders”, Hongfa has built an effective and stimulating operation system to help key staff to purchase cars and departments through their own effort and the support from the company.

                          -- to retain talents with bonding teams

                          Apart from individual talent, Hongfa pays more attention to teamwork and comfortable relationship among colleagues.

                          2.Why choose Hongfa

                          The success of Hongfa today lies in the outstanding skills and selfless dedication of all Hongfa people. Hongfa concerns both individual and occupational development. To support employees’ occupational development, Hongfa has designed a scientific and reasonable dual-track development path for them to choose from according to their interest, ability and specialty. Hongfa has also established a systematic and scientific study platform through Quality Management Institute and training systems in order to improve employees’ knowledge, skills and relevant experiences and to accelerate their growth inside the company. Apart from attractive salary and career development, Hongfa is committed to setting up a passionate, healthy and colorful working place to attract talented people. Hongfa people are also able to enjoy their leisure time after work.

                          3.Career planning and promotion

                          Hongfa has designed a scientific and reasonable dual-track development path for employees to choose from according to their interest, ability and specialty. Management position promotion path: Staff-- Senior Staff-- Primary Supervisor-- Middle-Level Supervisor-- Senior Executive (including senior executive of all subsidiaries and affiliated companies) Technician position promotion path: Technician-- Assistant Engineer-- Engineer-- Deputy Chief Engineer-- Chief Engineer

                          4.Salary and welfare
                          Salary formation Basic factors Incentive factors
                          Salary Monthly salary
                          Monthly performance bonus
                          Annual double pay
                          New product development bonus
                          Suggestion bonus
                          Technical improvement bonus
                          Special bonus
                          Welfare Compulsory insurance
                          Housing fund
                          Life insurance and accident insurance
                          Festival allowance
                          Summer allowance
                          Free lunch
                          Birthday cake
                          Free physical examination
                          Free commute
                          House-purchasing subsidy
                          Interest-free loans
                          Equity Employee-owing equity


                           Sports activities: sport meeting (every two years), basketball game and four-on-four football game every year, etc.

                          Entertainment activities: annual party, singing contest, etc.

                          Training courses

                          HONGFA, a professional relay manufacturer, is now one of the leading relay manufacturers in the world, in order to strengthen local service to customers and better develop business in specified market, we are looking for regional sales engineers or managers to join us.
                          Position: Regional Sales Engineer/Manager
                          Working Place:

                          Achieve the sales target for the responsible region
                          Develop and implement a sales plan for the region that aligns with the overall company target markets and the best regional opportunities.
                          Look for any new business opportunities in the targeted industries and applications and develop new customers.
                          Service the requirements of customers and expand the existing business.
                          Collect competitors’ information and industry information

                          Bachelor degree or above, Preferably in Engineering/ Marketing/ physics,
                          At least 3 years’ experience in sales/engineer in electronic component industry, relay should be preferred.
                          Rich experience in a dealer/distributor sales, familiar with the local marketing.
                          Strong relationship, energetic, aggressive, focused and a highly motivated self-starter.
                          Good communication and interpersonal skills.
                          Fluent in English and local language.

                          We offer an attractive salary package in commensurate with the qualifications and experience to the right candidate. Please apply with full resume, present and expected salary and date available to e-mail box to: hr@hongfa.com To learn more about Hongfa, please visit www.hongfa.com.

                          The postdoctoral workstation in Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic Co., Ltd was established at the beginning of 2014 after the approval of the then Ministry of Human Resources. It is the first postdoctoral workstation of relay industry in China.

                          Since its founding, 7 postdoctoral researchers have worked in the workstation. They have done researches on the following subjects: R&D of Laser Calibration Machine for JZC—33F Relay Production, Research on the Influence of Contact Materials on Relay Endurance, Reliability Analysis of Resistor Spot Welding Contact in Relay Production, Material Performance and Application Research on Ag/SnO2A Electrical Contact of Automotive Relay, Research on PBT Composite Material Injection Molding Behavior in Relay Production, Research on the Corrosion Mechanism and Preventive Measures of Copper Plating and Control Craft Research on the Consistency of Nickel Plating and Research on Relay Products Performance Consistency Based on Attractive and Inverse Force Coordination.

                          Up to now, 5 researchers have finished their researches and 3 of them now work in Hongfa with 1 being company-level leader and 2 being middle-level leaders.

                          The researches that the workstation plans to carry out include and not limited to: 1. Injection Molding Numerical Simulations
                          2. Computer Simulation Research on Relay Structural Design and R&D Process
                          3. Research on Magnetic Materials for Relays
                          4. Research on Elastic Materials for Relays
                          5. Optimization Analysis and Measurement System Research on High-frequency Relays
                          We also welcome postdoctoral researchers who have interest in areas such as relay and low-voltage apparatus to communicate with us and seek research projects that benefit both company fundamental research and personal development.

                          Requirements: 1. Recent doctor graduates within 2 years or doctor graduate-to-be who have passed their dissertation defense;
                          2. Full-time postdoctoral research in the workstation;
                          3. Under 40 years old.

                          Hongfa Quality Management Institute was established in 2009 in response to implement the management principles of “planning in unification, strengthening in centralization, combination with horizontal and vertical strategies and implementation with blocks”. It is an integral part of the human resource planning of Hongfa group and serves as an education training platform that provides high-quality service to the implementation of Hongfa development strategy as well as production, operation, management, customer service and technical progress.

                          The institute is located in Hongfa Donglin plant with a total area of 300 enough to hold lectures for 200 people at the same time.

                          Ever since its establishment, Quality Management Institute has been sticking to the principle of “training quality is the lifeline” and conducting training courses for line leaders, process technicians and process monitors on the relay production line as the entry point. The institute does a serious analysis of position competency structure, pays special attention to demand research, course planning, training organization, performance evaluation and spares no efforts to develop high-quality courses. Since late September of 2011, the Institute has completed the development of 33 courses, held 169 training courses successfully involving more than 9000 trainees and built up a team of 20 lecturers inside the company.

                          According to the “12th Five-Year Plan”, the sales revenue of Hongfa group will exceed 8 billion RMB by 2020 and we anticipate to become a “10 billion” enterprise and a world leading relay manufacturer. This ambitious goal has endowed the Institute with a new task and higher requirement. We will proceed in accordance with the company spirit of “Persevere for progress; Strive for excellence”and firmly stick to the guiding principle of “training quality is the lifeline”. We will continuously improve our training quality in an effort to expedite the realization of our development goal.

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