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                          • Sustainable Developmen
                          • Environment Protection
                          • Vocational Health and Safety
                          • Social Benefits

                          To continuously improve the economic development level in our community, country/region, to stimulate the advancement of local social affairs and to enhance the quality of people’s lives is the consistent goal of Hongfa.

                          In order to achieve those goals together with sustainable development, Hongfa is working hard for the balance among economic development, environment protection and social advancement so as to benefit all parties.

                          Hongfa has attached great importance to sustainable development in various ways, including how we design and manufacture our products; what products and service we provide to customers; how we cooperate with suppliers; how we evaluate risk and opportunities; and how we fulfill our responsibilities in the community and interact with it.

                          Environmental protection is essential to the sustainable social and economic development. For this reason, Hongfa, while conducting product development and business operations, alway puts environmental protection in the first place, abides by related regulations, saves resources and protects the environment through technology innovation.

                          While maintaining continuous development of industry and contributing to the national finance, Hongfa is able to fulfill its social responsibility, conduct green, environmental and low-carbon operation, and commit to environmental protection and energy saving. Hongfa aims for sustainable development by perfecting quality control system, conducting clean production and caring for the health and safety of employees. Hongfa has therefore formed a good company image as “responsible Hongfa”.

                          With over 20 branches and subsidiaries, Hongfa has the capacity to produce relays, low voltage electrical appliances, high and low voltage switchgears, precision parts, and automation equipment. Our localized marketing centers in Europe, America, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Sichuan have enabled us to conduct business and provide technical services globally.

                          As a member of “Voluntary Cleaning Production Inspection Enterprise”, Hongfa advocates cleaning production and environment awareness, and improves environmental management in terms of pollution prevention, source control and comprehensive utilization. Through technological innovation and scientific management, Hongfa has been continuously improving corporate environmental management performance and maximizing the reduction of environmental pollution. Hongfa embodies the mission and responsibility through reaching the goal of “energy-conservation, pollution-reduction, energy-saving and efficient-production”. Daily inspection, internal and external audit are conducted to consolidate the existing progress.

                          Hongfa provides employees with safe and comfortable working and living environment. All assembly plants reached 100,000-level clean production requirements. The parts plants, like molds and metalwork, plastic injection plants, are equipped with air-conditioners. Staff dormitories are equipped with air-conditioners, water heaters, separate toilet and balcony.

                          To improve vocational health and safety is always a priority in Hongfa Group. We have implemented different measures to guarantee the safety of all employees and to create a safe working environment. Our safety and health management is compliant with OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety management system.100+ internal regulations and code of conduct have been established for safe production and employee health management system.

                          As the leader in China relay industry, Hongfa has gathered a bunch of relay and relay-related manufacturing enterprises with its big influence and has then made Xiamen the largest relay production base in China. Meanwhile, Hongfa has been awarded ‘National Auto Parts Export Base Industry’, and actively guides and promotes regional economic development as a significant enterprise in the region.

                          Hongfa is creating more job opportunities along with its development in order to repay the society and to contribute to the social harmony and stability.

                          Hongfa is eager to repay the society and supports public welfares while achieving outstanding performance.

                          ? Public donation: Hongfa is actively involved in public donations and makes its own contribution in disaster alleviation with actions.
                          ? Trouble relief: Hongfa takes an active part in poverty alleviation and trouble relief and offers genuine help to the under-privileged people.
                          ? Education support: Hongfa not only uses its own resource to support education, but also cooperates with collages to provide advanced practice platform and training base for education development with a satisfying result.

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